A well-appointed kitchen that can accommodate large groups and the needs of a serious chef generally requires quite a lot of space. But when kitchen surfaces and storage elements slide, fold and swivel, you can pack a lot of function into a much more compact room. ‘The Cut’ by Alessandro Isola is a reconfigurable kitchen consisting of a central island, ceiling-mounted cabinets and a wall unit.

Rather than opening out, which would require a step stool, the upper storage space pulls down for easy access to cookware and seasonings. A large table surface can be pulled out to extend the counter space, or swiveled to accommodate up to six diners.

The island contains the oven and stove, while the wall unit hides a sink, small kitchen appliances and plenty of wine storage. Three seating cubes slide under the kitchen counter when not in use.

“The Cut recognizes the kitchen as a practical yet central space, a place to grab-and-go, congregate and chat, to relax and dine. It’s designed to understand that each of these occasions present themselves daily in our modern lives,” says the designer.