The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house from a functional standpoint, but design-wise we tend to overlook it in favor of the larger, flashier rooms. These bathroom images, compiled by Desire to Inspire, all depict bathrooms that veer away from the typical design-starved loo.

Most of our bathrooms are doomed to be outfitted in white, off-white, baby blue or other subtle, non-intrusive colors to render them inviting and easy to clean, but not overly visually busy…and not entirely interesting.

Maybe it’s time to start giving the bathroom the attention and the pizzazz that it deserves. After all, this is where we perform some of our most important rituals: cleaning our bodies, primping our hair and faces, relaxing in a tub after a long day.

The bathroom, although a small space in most homes, can handle some surprisingly bold colors and patterns. And contrary to the design standards of previous decades, you don’t have to feel confined to using small splashes of color in an otherwise bleak bathroom.

The bold bathroom can feature big patterns, bright colors, or even dark, romantic hues all over the walls (and the ceiling and floor in some cases!).

Making the decision to outfit your bathroom in a striking, non-traditional color or pattern is a big commitment – one that you should be prepared to live with for a while since going back to white walls can be a challenge. But the ultimate reward is seeing the looks of instant love on visitors’ faces when they see the bold design choices you’ve made in your stunning bathroom.