The Alarming Clock 1

With no time display, this minimalist wooden clock design won’t give you anxiety about how much time you have left to sleep if you wake up and glance at it in the middle of the night. It will, however, awaken you at a set time in a rather unusual and potentially disturbing way: with the sounds of a woodpecker.

The Alarming Clock 2

The Alarming Clock by Natalie Duckett and Lee Murray features alarms to signal both ends of the sleep cycle, providing an alert when it’s time to get ready for bed as well as in the morning. A digital time display is hidden in the base, but accessible when you need it.

The Alarming Clock 3

The Alarming Clock 4

But it’s the manner with which The Alarming Clock wakes you up that makes it so unusual: it has a wooden ‘beak’ that emulates the tapping of a woodpecker.

The Alarming Clock 5

The exact sounds the clock makes vary depending on what you place it next to. A soft surface might produce a very gentle sound, a hollow glass will ring, and a heavy object will make you think there’s really a woodpecker pecking away right beside your bed.