The cat is out of the bag, and Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 is officially here. This year, even pet supplies are getting their fair share of discounts. If you’re hoping to shower your furry friend with some cool new products, here are some of the best deals to be on the lookout for between July 12th and 13th.

Pet Bucket Booster Seat

This K&H Products pet booster seat keeps your small-to-medium furry friends in a safe and controlled spot in the car for distraction-free driving. The firm foam crate buckles into your car’s seat belt in either the back or front seat, with two security leashes attached to the booster to keep your pets from jumping out during the ride. This critter car seat averages 4.8 stars based on over 12,000 reviews, and at just $58.51 this Prime Day (over 60 percent off the original price), it’s a pretty great deal to keep you all safe on the road.

Sentry Calming Cat Collar

This collar releases pheromones in just the right dose to help your kitty chill out. The maker, SENTRY, says it has worked with researchers at top universities to develop a product that helps reduce excessive meowing, curbs unwanted clawing and scratching, and eases cat fears of loud noises. The calming neck ring has enough pheromones for 30 days and is good for cats of all ages. This Prime Day, it’s set to sell for $19.36 — a nice 57 percent off the original price.

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

For the dog who doubles as an escape artist or purely for your pet-parent peace of mind, this waterproof GPS Dog tracker from Tractive lets you monitor your pooch’s location in real time and keeps a log of his visited locations. While the device does require a subscription plan that starts at $4.99 a month, the accompanying smartphone phone app can track your pet in over 150 countries, alerts you if your dog leaves the designated safe area, and can even monitor their activity levels. Snag one of your own for just $29.99 this Prime Day.

PETLIBRO Automatic Cat Feeder

This fancy cat food dispenser has sufficient capacity and bowls to feed two pretty kitties at once. The five-liter food container can be programmed to release food between one and six times per day. It’s also fitted with a freshness pouch and sealing strip to keep the food airtight and safe for eating. As a bonus, pet owners can record a 10-second message to call their feline friends to eat up to 5 times each day or night. On Prime Day, this automatic cat feeder will be on sale for $62.99 — a 30 percent discount.

PETMAKER Freestanding Pet Gate

If you need to keep your pet in one area, this freestanding gate can block off almost any doorway, hall, or staircase. Its folding wooden frame can stretch to 73 inches and it’s almost two feet tall, keeping medium and small dogs safely behind the barrier. It comes in brown, gray, or white and has plastic feet on the bottom to protect your floors. Best of all, Amazon is giving this bad boy a 30 percent discount on Prime Day, slashing the price to just $48.95.

Pet Food

Some of the deepest discounts on pet supplies are on highly-rated dog and cat food. You will be able to buy 21 ounces of Stewart Freeze Dried Beef Liver on a 63 percent sale for $20.37. Alternatively, you can scoop up 28 oz of Cadet Gourmet Sweet Potato & Duck Wrapped Dog Treats for just $16.37, itself a 57 percent discount. There’s also tons of dog chews on sale, like the Nylabone All-Natural Chicken Flavored Chew Treat that’s currently on sale for just $4.03, 51 percent off the original price.

These are just a handful of the all the great deals available on pet products now. Keep in mind that the prices are all subject to change, but it’s clear you’ll be able to snag some excellent bargains between today and tomorrow if you keep your eyes peeled.