To tap into the latest and greatest beauty trends, look no further than the tips and tops of style mavens everywhere — that’s right, we’re talking about nails. Nails have always been an on-trend indicator of what’s hot: not only in beauty, but in pop culture and the larger world of design, too.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, in the midst of lockdowns and salon closures, mani/pedi fans had to get creative with at-home solutions to get the job done. The result? An influx of new designs and hacks that made it easy for anyone with a little creativity to turn their home into an ad hoc nail salon. In 2020 and throughout 2021, the nail world saw an influx of trends that made at-home manis a bit easier to achieve. Press-on nails saw a resurgence (though definitely of a higher caliber than the Lee press-ons of old), nail stickers replaced detailed designs done by the pros, and companies like ManiMe began to gain in popularity with their customized stick-on manicures created from photos of your actual nails.

So where does all that leave nail trends in 2022?

Look for a mix of classic, tried-and-true colors and stylish twists on old favorites. Think bright, bold, and all-around creative nail art centered around hot new colors (Very Peri, anyone?).

Feelin’ Kind of Blue

Having the blues doesn’t have to be a bad thing, especially when it comes to your nails. While blue seemingly never goes out of style, it’s the specific shade that usually changes along with the season. This year, look for bright blues to continue their reign at the top. Think bright, bold pastels that pop, and pale (yet warm) cornflower shades that hint at spring and reign in those winter doldrums.

Daydream-Worthy Escapism

Everyone needs a little escape every now and then, and this year’s nail art is reflecting that through dreamscape designs influenced by everything from nature to spacey solar systems, ocean waves to desert sands. In fact, Pinterest predicts that these nailscapes will last in popularity throughout the entirety of 2022, so grab a pic of the aurora borealis and head to the salon ASAP.

Pantone Popularity

Pantone always makes a splash when they announce their color (or colors) of the year, and 2022 is no exception. This year, the winner is a lush purple with subtle blue undertones called Very Peri, and everyone from the design, fashion, and beauty worlds is going bonkers for the shade. Look for purples in general to make a splash here, too. Lovely lilacs, awesome amethysts, and over-the-top orchids will definitely enjoy their time basking in the warmth of Very Peri’s spotlight.

French Kiss

A classic French manicure never goes out of style, but in recent years, the nail world has seen an influx of variations on the popular trend that give the more traditional mani a more updated look. Think colorful tips that are bold and bright, and feel free to get creative by using a different shade on each nail for a playful, rainbow-hued look.

Paint It Black

Black nail polish never fails to have a moment. Gone are the days when black was synonymous with only melancholic goth vibes. Now, black nails cross all boundaries as more and more people embrace nail noir at its finest. Expect this popular shade to endure in 2022, as it works for anyone looking to make a bold statement with their nails.

The trends above are just some of the many we’re expecting to see this year. Whether it’s with color (lush Barbie pink), finish (matte magic all the way), or shape (coffin nails will reign supreme), look for nails to make a big splash in 2022 with a variety of fun trends that offer something for everyone.