The modern shower is a lot more than a space in which to lather and rinse. It’s also become an escape, a spa, and a luxury — or at least, it could be, with a new smart showerhead in the mix.

Showerheads considered “smart” can combine water savings with new technology that doesn’t leave you suffering from local restrictions. These fixtures function by threading a powerful air blast into the water spray for a full water effect with up to 30-percent savings. Other “smart” showerheads connect to your home assistant or a phone app to provide features such as remote start and pre-saved spray preferences. Yes, really.

Here’s a list of highly-rated, advanced design options to consider:

Moen Bathroom Controller

The first item on our list isn’t even a showerhead, but the brains behind a great shower experience. This controller, well, controls everything in your shower, from the amount of water pressure to the temperature. Like auto-start for your car, you can prep all the settings to your liking before you even step foot inside the shower. Using manual touch or your phone, you can get the party started. When synced with Alexa, you can even voice command your morning shower. Plus, the feedback report will lay out the amount of water and electricity used for each shower, making it easy to track your overall water consumption and improve savings.

Moen S6320 Velocity Rainshower

Also by trusty brand Moen, this rainshower gives you the full Singin’ in the Rain experience, with better options than many other rain showers, which barely rinse the soap from your skin. It features an eight-inch head that provides ample water coverage. And while you can enjoy the rain-like effect of the lighter spray whenever you like, you can switch to a higher capacity when it’s time to rinse to get the job done efficiently.

WaterHawk 6″ Smart Rain Showerhead

Although smaller than the Moen mentioned above, the WaterHawk is considered more of an eco-friendly smart showerhead due to its high level of water efficiency. The real-time feedback provides an up-to-date usage report as you shower rather than having to rely on data reports later in the day. Adding to the Earth-friendly features is the ability to monitor efficiency of water temperature and shower duration in order to meet your water consumption goals. The WaterHawk also features another stand-out bit of innovation: it uses the force of the water to power itself, making it a battery-free solution. Plus, it adds some color to the experience with LEDs that change color with the water temperature.


While some models try to get away with inexpensive materials, this smart showerhead is all quality. In addition to a stylish look, the DreamSpa offers some high-tech features you’d expect from a smart showerhead, such as a zero-battery design and water-saving abilities. It also allows you to visually ascertain the temperature of the water, with LED lights color-coded in response to different settings. When it switches from cool-water blue to warm green or red hot, it’s time to get in. Flashing red, however, warns the water is too hot for safety (a particularly nice feature for kids and older folks). Installation requires no tools and is hassle-free so you can quickly set up and enjoy the five modes: Hydro-Mist, Pulsating Massage, Economy Rain, Water Saving, and Power Rain.


Well water presents unique challenges, from mineral smells to dry hair and skin. Nosame incorporates multi-layer water filtration and promises a healthier overall experience. The Rainfall, Massage, and Jet Spray modes provide settings options whenever you need them, yet the technology provides ample water pressure with consumption savings of up to 30 percent. This is an inexpensive handheld model that screws into any existing shower hose outlet and is backed up with a warranty and money-back guarantee.