modular open space configurations

Escher, Tetris, tessellation and fractals all come to mind with this colorful set of angled seating elements. Though their shapes may appear unruly at first, any awkward first impression is quickly dissipated once you see the elements deployed.

modular chair seating system

Developed by Alexander Lotersztain, the one catch (or at least counter-intuitive element) of this Prisma set may be the fact that each color does not necessarily denote a single shape, as it would in classic puzzle-piece games, so you may have to work a little harder to see how the pieces fit together.

modular deployed seating arrangements

But once you get past that hurdle, you will find there are all kinds of formations possible, from back-to-back individual seats to stretched-out sofas with attached side tables, divided (or not) with backs and sides.

modular colorful seating system

The constituent pieces are themselves straight-forward: medium-density fiberboard with either fabric or leather finishes, the former available in bright and distinctive colors, or simply unfinished altogether.