glad trash bag tent

Camping at music festivals is a time-honored tradition around the world; sleeping at the festival is almost as important as watching and hearing the music itself. You meet some amazing people and have some unforgettable experiences this way, but any time a bunch of people get together and occupy a field there’s bound to be massive amounts of garbage.

garbage bag tent

glad festival tent trash bags

Festival organizers always find it challenging to get attendees to clean up after themselves. But for the 2013 SXSW festival, garbage bag giant Glad came up with a seriously brilliant solution. They created tents that could be used as garbage bags – or garbage bags that could be used as tents.

The Glad Force Flex bags were distributed to festival-goers with the understanding that recipients would need to use them to clean up after the festival was over. The promotion did something more important than just giving people temporary shelter: it took away any excuses they might have used for leaving rubbish behind.

(via: FastCo)