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When the modern city dweller wants to dine in the open air, the chosen setting is just as likely to be composed of hard urban surfaces as an idyllic patch of grass in a park. How should picnic sets adapt to the changing ways in which we take our meals on the go? Rather than packing a wicker basket full of binoculars and other items that emphasize enjoying a natural environment, maybe it should be a little sharper and more technologically advanced.

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That’s the idea behind Technopicnic by Madrid-based architecture and design studio AtelierTERATOMA, a picnic basket for the 21st century that’ll keep you plugged in as you enjoy your baguette and wine – or futuristic meal pellets, as the case may be. Looking very space-age, the setup includes two metallic silver pillows and a white dining tray equipped with cup holders, speakers, USB ports for charging your devices, solar panels to keep it all juiced up, and even a Bluetooth-connected screen.

techno picnic 3

“Traditionally the picnic is associated with the search of natural environments to share a meal. But what happens when we bring this idea to a context defined by hard pavements, congestion and new ways of communication?” the designers state.

techno picnic 2

If all you need is a couple trays and a blanket, there’s an alternate kit that’s even more minimalist. Granted, these picnic sets kind of defeat the purpose of having a picnic basket, since there’s no room for your food and drinks – you’ll have to bring a separate bag or cooler for that.