What Inspired this Concept?

In January 2017, a Reigate, Surrey, tea room extension was completed in the back of a couple’s house as a retirement gift from the husband to his wife. The couple wanted a place to sit and enjoy the views of their garden and the outdoor world while they sipped on their tea in the mornings. Pitched roofs and bi-fold doors were prominent in their vision for the extension, but after mulling over several design concepts, Vita Architecture came up with a proposal that would ultimately give the couple a balcony and a conservatory without taking up twice the space.

What Did the Project Entail?

This new idea doubled the amount of new room the couple would be getting and offered them the desired picturesque views of their backyard while also giving them the option to sit out in the sun (or take shelter from that unpredictable British weather on the cooler days). The bi-fold doors were replaced with a fully glazed sliding door, whose 18-millimeter frames allow the maximum amount of daylight to flood into the room. The result is a stunning and sleek glass and aluminum-clad extension that boasts a lot of space and a modern aesthetic.

Of course, when it comes to construction, planning permission is required to make any physical alterations to a property. Thanks to a handful of pre-application meetings and a carefully detailed design, Vita Architecture was successful in their proposal. To ensure a minimal impact on the neighbors’ privacy, the team fitted the balcony with a privacy screen to deter people from looking over into their gardens.

Some key statistics include the firm’s doubling of the floor area from 22 to 44 square meters, allotting the balcony a comfortable amount of walking and lounging space. The extension’s south and east-facing facades were achieved by installing “super insulating” floors, roofs, and walls into an existing loft. This expansion also increased the home’s list price by a generous 32 percent, which made for two very overjoyed clients.

Who is Behind this Masterful Work of Architecture?

Vita Architecture is a group made up of young architects based in Surrey, England. Founded by Ben Lee and Charlene Shum, the company has quickly garnered global recognition, having already won multiple design awards both in the UK and internationally. The innovative team has worked on everything from furniture to buildings to art installations, adding a vast array of diverse projects to their repertoire. Approaching every project with the goal of “maximiz[ing] the potential of spaces,” Vita Architecture aspires to produce bespoke and idiosyncratic environments for clients looking to better utilize their under-developed living areas.

How Can I Get Involved?

Vita Architecture prides itself on the quality of its services, as well as its boundary-pushing designs. The team wants to make sure that they can deliver design magic to your doorstep just as well as they can breathe life into your living space — so head over to their website and present them with your project specifications to begin your collaboration today!