triangle tree edible spoon

Finish eating your soup and save the best bite for last: the one where you chomp right into the utensil you are using to scoop it up.

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triangle tree edible spoon close up

We have silverware for eating at home (though even that requires washing) and plastic tableware for events and travel, but this solution is environmentally friendly in either context. TriangleTree proposes three flavors of this edible design – plain, spicy or sweet – to match various meals as needed.

triangle tree edible spoon packaging

“The Eco-spoon removes the need for non-biodegradable disposable plastic spoons.It is 100% natural, made entirely of corn. It is 100% biodegradable. And 100% edible. And 100% good for you and the environment …. It’s tasty, it’s healthy, it’s convenient, and it promotes a cleaner tomorrow. The spoons could be purchased in supermarkets for home use. They could also be served alongside appetizers and meals at restaurants.”

Triangle Tree also proposes a gadget sort of like a waffle iron to make these spoons at home, eliminating the plastic packaging.

triangle tree edible spoon maker

The only real question (aside from the taste itself) is one of consistency and absorbency – strike the right balance and your soup would hopefully not soften the spoon too soon, but would soak in the flavors for that final bite.

About the creators, Triangle Tree:

We know how to work with three things: ideas, brands and products. Triangle Tree conceptualizes, brainstorms, prototypes and patents uniqueness. We view ourselves as a full-cycle development partner for our customers – from the evanescent spark of first  of first insight to the preliminary sketches all the way to the finished design prototypes – as we shepherd the entire development process through to the production-ready phase.”

“Less is more. We are inspired by the simplicity of genius and the satisfaction of using a lovingly made product. Hybrids are hot. We endow long-familiar objects with new functionality borrowed from other objects or invented outright. Green or bust. Every one of our products considers the environment first and foremost. Objets d’art. We make beautiful things, pure and simple.”