If you’re living in the present, your mind is probably running laps around leisurely days at the pool and summer barbecues. While you’re busy taking in the moment, mega-retailer Target is well ahead of the game in planning your fall decor and holiday parties. Halloween decorations have already popped up in the store’s seasonal aisles, with the “Hyde and Eek! Boutique” displaying the pumpkins and witches we don’t normally see until the pencils and notebooks from the back-to-school rush are long gone.

Target may have picked up on the holiday vibe early, but so far it appears that its offerings vary greatly depending on location. Luckily, all the creepy, cute, and costumey items that are available in stores are also available for pre-order online. That means that even if you don’t have a Target nearby (is that possible anymore?), you can still order your Halloween decor now and cross it off your fall to-do list. Shipments are expected to begin September 8th, which still gives you plenty of time to unpack and set everything up before the holiday crunch arrives.

Not only is the collection early to market, but it’s also vast, providing seemingly endless options for the 2019 Halloween season. In fact, the range of items might be the most newsworthy part of this story, since it’s not entirely uncommon to see some spotty Halloween collections popping up here and there in the retail world.

First there’s the Pumpkin Parlor Decor section, which is stuffed with orange and black pumpkins and plush creatures. Then we have the Pumpkin Parlor Party section, which offers all the table figurines and serving pieces your holiday party could ever need. The Ghoulish Garden Decor is available to haunt your space with artificial biting plants and spooky terrariums. Alternatively, you can crank up the nightclub vibe with the Moonlight Bash and Party decor, complete with a skeleton DJ and tableware and, of course, neon lights.

Classic styles are always en vogue, too, so Target curated their Harvest Decor set with traditional wreaths and pumpkin decorations you can keep out from the first days of fall all the way through Thanksgiving.

The question of whether it’s a “good” move to roll out Halloween in July is subjective. After all, many of the presale items are showing as sold out even though they aren’t even being released until the end of August. That shows both a demand and a profit margin so it seems like a win-win, except for those who feel late to the game trying to buy a sold out item four months in advance of the holiday.

While some consumers scoff at what might appear to be an effort to consistently get a jump on the competition by bringing out seasonal items well in advance of the actual holiday, it appears that most people are embracing the early release. Perhaps they are perpetual goblin and ghoul-seekers happy to have an option other than Amazon to track down All Hallow’s Eve decor during the off-season. Maybe they don’t see Halloween as a season, but as a lifestyle. One thing is for sure, they are willing and eager to shop for Halloween in July while the selection is good and the days are still long.