Ever decide to make brownies “from scratch” and then end up buying a prefab mix instead? The rationalization behind this is that you save time because the basics are already mixed for you, the directions are easy, and the results are delicious. Target’s new “Threshold” line of DIY furniture offers the same kinds of conveniences.


Cross The Threshold To Simplicity

Everyone’s witnessed the anguish, frustration, and tears brought on by the popular DIY furniture that originated in Sweden. The instructional drawings are sketchier than a toddler’s crayon version of a family portrait, and oftentimes the illustrations just don’t match the hardware. On top of all that, there are always a few fasteners left over, and you can never get back those five hours it took to put together a three-shelf bookcase.

By contrast, Threshold DIY furniture comes with instructions that eerily address your impending stress. The opening paragraph states, “Congratulations on your latest Target purchase. Now what? Don’t start sweating over this box of parts. This will be easy. We did the hard work for you. All you need to do is follow our simple instructions and you’ll be on your way to transforming your room in no time. Good luck, though we’re confident you won’t need it.”

Sounds good, but the real proof is in the box. These step-by-step instructions include drawings and text, making the process significantly smoother. Regular tools like screwdrivers and drills are commonly required, although an Allen wrench (included in the box) is sometimes needed. Above all else, the best thing about Threshold is the fact the work that typically causes the most anxiety — like attaching hinges and making sure they’re perfectly aligned — is already done for you.

Tables And Shelves

The extended Threshold furniture collection consists of chairs, sofas, sectionals, and porch pieces that require no assembly at all, but their selection of tables and shelving units includes scads of DIY options. From coffee, end, and bedside tables to dining, kitchen, and pub tables in all kinds of shapes and sizes, Threshold has you covered. The same goes for their shelving options: buy a set that’s low to the ground, ceiling height, or in-between, all in styles ranging from rustic and traditional to sleek and ultramodern.

Perks And Pluses

Besides their simple assembly and wide selection, many items in Target’s Threshold line offer free shipping online and free same-day pick-up at local stores. Deep discounts are also common on both in-store selections and those that are only available online. If you misplace hardware, it’s promptly shipped to you upon request, and most of the diagrams and instructions are readily available online. If you really want easy access to all these helpful resources, you can even follow Target’s Threshold items on social media platforms or download their app. Alternatively, you can always just contact their customer service at a toll-free number or chat with a customer service representative on the web.

No matter what time of year it is, make a resolution to give Target’s DIY Threshold line a try. After you easily and proudly complete a couple DIY pieces, those memories of the countless hours you spent cursing Swedish design will quickly fade.