Baumraum cliff treehouse in the alps

From conception through construction to occupation, tree houses are unusually intentional spaces. They require defying convention, not to mention gravity. They are the stuff of childhood dreams … made real. A cliff treehouse overlooking the Alps, anyone?

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baumraum cliff treehouse overlooking alps

It is no different for this structure by Baumraum, a well known for building contemporary-but-context-sensitive tree houses in Germany and beyond.

baumraum cliff treehouse interior

Built for a client and his grandson, the project strove for simplicity – a few built-in furnishings for housing essentials and pillows for comfort on the interior, and unpainted (though weather-sealed) wood elements all around.

baumraum cliff treehouse deck

Overlooking a picturesque Austrian down in the foreground, but capturing scenic panoramas of sea and mountains beyond, each aspect of its siting and planning reflects a careful attention the natural wonders around the building.

baumraum cliff treehouse steps

Stepping in sequence, one comes upon a clearing revealing some of the views below, walks up a pair of mid-level terraces, then wraps around to enter the narrow outward-pointing cabin at the top from behind.

baumraum cliff treehouse bed

Inside, gorgeous views are framed via panoramic slots along the long side wall, a skylight captures a slice of the heavens above and a picture-frame window, tilted down toward the ground, takes in the local sights.

Feeling inspired? Baumraum will design a custom treehouse just for you. It starts with a phone call to discuss your project, and then they’ll draw up a concept and preliminary design. Depending on where you live, you can either work directly with them to build it or hire builders in your area.

baumraum cliff treehouse design

A treehouse! A promise of adventure for the kids, a retreat for the adults, a romantic hideaway close to nature. These special little dwellings installed up among the trees fire our imagination and rouse our curiosity, bringing back childhood memories, and with them the desire to climb up and enter a magic world amongst the foliage. To be spellbound again, to witness the different sights and sounds up there by day and night and throughout the seasons. To play up there, to work undisturbed, to relax, to daydream…”