Design can take many forms as a combination of trends, pop culture, and personal preference. Typically, when a homeowner wants to entice a vast array of visitors to a renovated vacation home, they go with a welcoming, yet subtle design style to appeal to the masses. Or, they could scream a statement with an iconic theme inspired by SpongeBob SquarePants.

This Vrbo home in Huntington Beach was transformed in collaboration with Paramount. While it’s not immersed under the sea, it’s at least symbolic in the fact that it was once a Southern California water tower and it does “tower” over the ocean.

Even those who can’t plan a visit in person can at least enjoy a virtual tour of the three floors via Vrbo’s property listing online. The tour begins with an attention-grabbing exterior, adorned to resemble a pineapple.

“Families can book cabins, condos, castles, treehouses, and train cars on Vrbo, but this is the first time we’ve had a gigantic pineapple on our platform,” Lish Kennedy, Vice President of Global Brand Marketing at Vrbo said in a recent statement. “We’re glad people can tour the Pineapple Over the Sea virtually and enjoy the new movie at home together.”

The first floor of the home is expansive, colorful, and stuffed with identifiable SpongeBob goodies like the float couches. The atmosphere reflects life under the sea with seaweed and jellyfish hanging about. Walking into the kitchen is a lot like entering the Krusty Krab, as any fan can easily see. Red tractor-seat stools at the breakfast bar and a train track around the ceiling of the adjacent dining room add even more character to the already eclectic space.

A curving wooden staircase leads to a second floor and the comparatively subdued bedroom, which itself boasts traditionally coastal vertical shiplap walls, tongue-in-groove wooden ceilings, and wood plank flooring. Weathered shelves, a built-in desk, and a barn door round out the look.

The third floor returns to the undersea theme with a massive curved couch and copious windows for expansive views. There’s also a built-in bar that just screams “happy hour” in the gathering space.

In all, the house features four bedrooms and three bathrooms, with room to sleep eight people in true Bikini Bottom fashion. Throughout the space, interior touches highlight the focus on SpongeBob characters with wall art from both the movies and T.V. show. There’s even fishing nets and foliage dispersed around. Flower petals hang from the ceiling and decorate the windows. A closer look shows buoys mounted here and there, a few submarine-style hatches, and a curving countertop with built-in aquarium decor.

The space is also architecturally interesting, with the curved walls of the water tower constantly inviting guests to see what’s around the next corner. What’s more, the peak of the third floor ceiling in the tower offers a visually dynamic topper to the whole space. Of course, great design is as much function as it is fashion, which is why this vacation rental’s been equipped with flat screen TVs and other modern conveniences. But it still carries a cozy vibe, with an assortment of games and sitting spaces that invite guests to unplug, unwind, and enjoy the view.

Are you ready, kids?