Home objects made of unexpected materials can become some of the most stunning conversation pieces; the texture and unusual shape of this lamp would definitely make it a visual centerpiece in the home.



Rather than the traditional wood, glass, plastic, or any number of the other materials routinely used to make lamps, Metrocuadro Design set out to make the sleeve lamp from fabric. They enlisted a tailor’s shop near Bologna, Italy, to bring the design to life.



The Sleeve Lamp is made of a soft but sturdy grey felt and stitched together with bright red thread. One side is lined with cheery white mother of pearl buttons offset by the same colorful thread.



The lamp is an interesting sculptural piece during the day, but at night when it is lit it becomes something even more dazzling. The light shines through the fabric itself as well as up and down through its openings. The Sleeve Lamp is available for a very limited time (and only to the Eastern hemisphere) for €95.20.