underfull tablecloth

If you’re always the clumsy one who knocks over a glass of red wine at dinner parties, designer Kristine Bjaadal‘s Underfull tablecloth might help you feel a little less embarrassed after the next accident.

secret pattern tablecloth revealed by spills

spill reveals hidden patterns on tablecloth

Underfull looks like a typical white floral damask tablecloth at first. But as soon as it’s hit with a colored liquid it reveals a secret hidden butterfly pattern. The butterflies are a lovely┬ásurprise that can help make the clumsy person feel a bit less embarrassed after a spill.

tablecloth hidden patterns

tablecloth secret pattern revealed by spills

Just like any other white tablecloth, getting the stains out of the Underfull might not be possible – but that simply adds to the tablecloth’s appeal. The more stains it accumulates, the more stories you have to share about memorable holiday meals or hilarious dinner parties.

white patterned underfull tablecloth

The designer’s hope is that the tablecloth could help people forge a more long-lasting sentimental relationship with the things around them; in a throw-away society, having home objects with a history can be quite rare. Although it isn’t yet in production, the Underfull has won accolades from designers and critics for its unique functionality.