lucio solar charging table

Harnessing solar energy in the home doesn’t have to involve bulky solar panels on your roof. Enter Lucio, the light-harvesting table that uses not only sunlight, but artificial indoor light as well to charge your gadgets.

solar panels charging table

The small table from Italian company Studio Natural requires no external energy, so its placement isn’t hindered by the need to place it near an outlet. Light-harvesting panels make up the table’s surface, collecting sunlight and ambient light from its environment.

solar charging table lucio

Lucio stores the power that it harvests and acts as a mobile charging station for phones, tablets, and other gadgets. Built-in outlets provide convenient spots for plugging in all of your rechargeable whatnots. We have a feeling, however, that using the Lucio as an actual table – to set your drinks on, for example – would hinder its effectiveness as a charging station.

charging table solar power

A wide channel down the middle of the table lets your gadgets sit comfortably and securely as they charge. Find a nice sunny spot next to the window to plant the Lucio and your iPad can charge without the guilt that comes with using excessive fossil fuels.