In this era of hyper customization, everything must adapt to our own personal needs. Why not a table or desk? TableAir is a smart desk that allows you to adjust the height of your desk with the click of a smart button.

The downside? Ideally, you’re not sitting but standing. The makers of this variable-height standing desk stand encourage users to adopt a healthier lifestyle (with have a healthier back and metabolism) by standing more and sitting less. So there really is no downside. Besides, if you really want to sit down, just pull up an office chair.

This is how it works: You stand at your TableAir work space, stretch out your arm, press the smart button with your other hand. The sensing module senses the distance to your hand and rises to match it. This can also be done remotely via a Smartphone app that allows your to preprogram its ideal height. The height ranges from circa 2 feet to 4.5 feet. The TableAir app also allows you to change the light panel and track your burned calories, and you can schedule sitting and standing times.

What also sets this model apart from other standing desks is its sleek design featuring a strip of decorative, changing LED lights around the sides of the tabletop, which is made out of a MDF board. The legs are stainless steel with a coat of car-like paint. While it somehow looks stylishly insubstantial, it can bear objects weighing up to 70 kg (154 pounds). The movement of the table seems smooth in the video, so we assume stuff doesn’t move around or fall off the desk while in transit!

The “classic” TableAir (€2,299) has a white glossy tabletop with white matte legs. The desks are also available in Dark Walnut (€2,799), Dark Glossy aka Black (€2,299) and the Scandinavian-looking American Cherry (€2,799). They ship to the United States.

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