Swoon is in the business of disrupting the norm. The UK-based furniture store set out to produce beautiful, modern, high-quality designs at affordable prices, and their experimental approach to the market paid off. Now a leading online retailer for trendy furniture, Swoon is constantly offering fresh products, including an imaginative new line of kids furniture.

The nine-piece “Little Creatives” collection is designed to promote creativity in a child’s home environment, incorporating sweet pastels and prints in a line that stays true to the brand’s overall aesthetic. You won’t find any plastic chairs, primary colors, or clunky silhouettes here — it’s all just as sleek and elegant as the rest of the Swoon offerings.

Produced in collaboration with Studio Tilt, “Little Creatives” includes the Hunter Craft Trolley, Emmeline Chair, Freddie Desk, Harri Toy Box, Fynne Drawing Tray Table, Ailya Coat Rack, and more, with four of the pieces named after the kids who inspired the ideas. They’re all fun and creative, and unlike most kids furniture, they fit right in with modern interior decor.

“It has been a really fun collaborative process, bringing these ideas and designs to life with the help of the children,” says Sam Baldry, Swoon’s Head of Design. “We believe that the importance of creativity will only grow, so it is essential to nature creative thinking at a young age. We hope these pieces will encourage parents and children to do just that at home.”

“The idea to curate and co-design with children was to focus on the theme of creativity, to both excite and include children but also to engage in the debate about creativity in the education of young people,” says Oliver Marlow, co-founder of Studio Tilt. “We wanted the ideas and experiences of the young people to come alive in the products they created, and to excite and delight other children, too, as part of the range.”

“It’s the first of its kind in children’s furniture, and we’re thrilled to be a part of it. The quality of the pieces is testament to the insight and creativity of children.”

Pieces in the Little Creatives collection range from £49 to £249, and will be available on Swoon’s website from September 16th on.

Swoon began when Debbie Williamson found herself wishing all the high-end furniture she lusted over wasn’t so expensive — and that it was easier to order on the internet. She quickly realized the furniture market was open for a lot of reinvention, starting a company that provided great value, free delivery, and free returns.

Swoon’s business model deviates from the traditional furniture industry in other ways, too. Instead of releasing new collections twice a year, the brand has a design cycle every month so they can refresh their selections almost constantly. They use an experimental testing model, too, producing small batches to see what’s popular and then scaling up production on the most successful items.

Five new products debut on the Swoon website each and every day, and they often go fast, so if you see something you like, better snag it while it’s hot!