This radical redesign of bathroom water features was thought up by Julia Kononenko. The 2 in 1 system does something that may be entirely new in bathroom design: it combines the shower head and sink faucet into one long, swiveling arm.

In this revolutionary bathroom design, the shower and sink are right next to one another. When you need to use the sink, a long metal arm swivels down to faucet height. When you are showering, the arm swivels back up to shower head height. One fixture, two functions.

As the arm moves between positions, a central switch automatically alters the water flow. When in shower head position, the water comes out like raindrops – but when in sink position, the water is dispensed through a central opening in one strong stream.

The example built by the designer shows just how stylish and visually fascinating this bathroom would be. Of course, we would suggest adding shower doors or at least a curtain to keep the water from splashing everywhere, but the compelling design deserves appreciation for its unique aesthetic and functionality.

“A modern solution that presents a bathroom conception and function from a new perspective: a shower and a sink can exist as one object. ‘Two in one’ construction – combining features of a shower head and a faucet with option of switching to a desired water flow. The shower switch that changes the faucet position is located in the center. When above the sink, the rotating unit gives a regular faucet water flow. Moving it to shower zone turns the flow to dispersing. “

“Kononenko ID – studio was founded in 2012, in Ukraine by Julia Kononenko and Kravchenko Artem. In 2015, the studio, having opened a branch in Poland, thereby expanded its creative activities, established cooperation with companies from Europe and other continents.”

(found via: designboom)