creative kitchenware storage idea

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The Swiss are fascinating from their military organization to their rich history of high-quality and world-famous industrial design including watches, pocket knives and more. This giant-sized reinterpretation of the classic Swiss Army Knife (aka the Swissarmius cutlery holder) is both a humorous and functional adaptation of a well-known multifunctional original applied creatively in a kitchen context.

creative kitchenware storage solution

When stocked with kitchenware, the base container looks as if it were left open with its fold-out accessories fully deployed – making even a chaotic set of knives, spatulas and serving spoons look right at home and ready to use. When empty,the simple curved design is quite elegant with its white interior and red facade. It makes one wonder: what else could we do in the kitchen or elsewhere using this Swiss-style storage solution and at what point will it upset the Swiss?