No matter how old you get, playing on a swing is probably the most fun you can have on a playground. Höwler + Yoon Architecture brought that fun to a 2.7 acre space in Boston by installing Swing Time, a group of 20 glowing hammocks built for grown-ups.

The swings are lit from within with LEDs that react to the swings’ movement. When the circle is still, it emits a warm, inviting white light. When a passenger boards and begins to swing, the light changes to a lovely lilac.

The interior accelerometer and microcontroller sense the level of activity to change the color of the swings. The interactive nature of this quality makes the swings seem fun and inviting, even for people who aren’t prone to playing in playgrounds.

Although the glowing swings are quite a lovely sight on their own, it’s when many of them are in motion that the installation really begins to shine. The glowing circles swaying gently or swinging wildly bring to mind the fun-filled days of youth when we could spend hours trying to make our feet reach the clouds by swinging ever higher.