In general, when we think of swings we picture kids playing. And when we think of rocking chairs, we often envision an elderly grandparent leisurely falling asleep in a gently rocking seat. Designers Clara Rivière and Tobias Nickerl combine the two into seating for every age with their Rocking Swing.


The swing/chair’s frame is a lightweight tubular metal. Despite its dual functions, the Rocking Swing’s operation is immediately recognizable. A U-shaped metal arm fits through the ends of the leather swing to hold the seat in place. Bright orange rope – just like the rope you’d find on a child’s swing – is used to keep the seat aloft.


Thanks to the chair’s unique design, you can either swing or rock in it – or do both at the same time. However you choose to use it, the Rocking Swing is a playful departure from both of its elements. More comfy than a swing and more adventurous than a rocking chair, this piece is a delightful seating reimagination.


The designers strove to keep the design as minimal and uncomplicated as possible, a goal that is evident in the clean lines and intuitive functionality. No screws or other hardware are used in the swing’s construction, keeping it safe for little hands as well as visually simple.