swimming city floating art

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Set against the backdrop of a contemporary city skyline, this ramshackle collection of recycled parts looks as much like a half-sunk pirate ship of pile of floating debris as it does a functional floating hobo-style hodgepodge home. But these are not merely a one-time installation or thrown-together art project: this collection of makeshift mobile water homes has sailed the open seas and picked up musicians, performers and other artists along its way.

swimming floating city design

Swoon is known for on-land street art as well as works featured in prominent galleries around the world, but stepped from stable dry ground into the great blue unknown with a series of sustainable ships made from wood, metal and textiles scraps to float down the Mississippi River – and followed by the even larger European armada shown here (photographed by Tod Seelie).

swimming recycled urban art

Like a watery sibling to to the Black Rock City (the home of the annual dry-desert art and performance festival in Nevada), a significant aspect of these works is their interactivity, flexibility and the ways in which they can change over time – both by being built up structurally and acquire additional creative crew members.