In a project that is at once inspired by classic glass art and cinema props, Mexican artist Fernando Laposse’s Edible Sugar Glasses are both a vessel for drinks and a part of the drink itself.

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Laposse’s project is, in part, an exploration of basic manufacturing methods. He created the sugar glasses with melted sugar through a process of rotational molding.

The glasses are meant to be used at one-time events such as cocktail parties and art openings. They are ephemeral in nature and, if not used, will melt away in a few days. They are certainly not practical for home use, but they are a lovely and unexpected departure from traditional glassware for special events.

Laposse created a signature cocktail exclusively for use with his delicate-looking sugar glasses. The cocktail is more or less a mojito that is missing the soda and sugar – the cocktail’s sweetness comes from the glass itself.

As you are enjoying the cocktail, you swirl the drink around in the cup, dissolving the sugar into the liquid little by little. When the cocktail is gone, the glass becomes a lollipop that you can eat with all of the joy you did as a child.

The sugar glasses went through several versions before Laposse settled on the final design. He experimented with mesh supports and lollipop sticks before settling on an all-sugar version.

The final result is a dissolving glass that is equal parts useful and beautiful. The edible glasses look like exquisite art glass, complete with swirled colors and tiny bubbles.