modern gingerboard house ideas
From Prairie School and Mid-Century Modernist to Contemporary Eco-Friendly?mini-homes with cutting edge green (and red) technology, this is (chocolate, cookie and candy) innovation of the sweetest variety. Hardwood gingerbread floors, straight lines of icing, structural graham-cracker concrete, marshmallow mortar and relatively minimalist decorating strategies make you almost want to live in (rather than eat) one of these. Almost.
modern gingerboard homes
There is a long, rich (and tasty) history behind making gingerbread homes for the holidays, from patterns and kits bought in stores to recipes and ideas handed down within families. Some of these alternative do-it-yourself version buck tradition and border on ultra-modern while others are curious hybrids – not entirely conventional nor truly contemporary.
modern gingerboard eco house

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With more and more people – from creative individuals to entire architecture firms – reinventing this seasonal holiday classic, one has to wonder: how would one go about getting LEED sustainability certification for a miniature edible eco-house? Might want to skip solar or wind power as well, at least until structural issues of melting and toppling are fully resolved.