Picture the entire population of Luxembourg, Iceland, Grenada and Vatican City reading this site each month – then add a few. With just over 1600 articles published to date, Dornob is now viewed over 3,000,000 times by over 1 ,000,000 visitors each month. The site is ranked in the top 5,000 most visited web pages in the United States and amongst the top 10,000 in the world – not bad for a once-small independent publication. Thank you, dear readers, for making this little online magazine the trend-setting idea source ?it is today.

Wow, where did all of this come from? It would be wonderful to take credit … but much of that credit belongs to loyal fans and supporters (yes, you) who share links on social profiles and by emails, or simply visit regularly to see what strange new design ideas the site is covering. As always, feel free to send your friends our way, linking them to the site itself, its Facebook page or Twitter profile.

And what has changed? Well, we are about to send out our first full opt-in newsletter – a periodic roundup of great content on the site and elsewhere … one that goes a step beyond the daily emails available. Other than that, much of the work was done behind the scenes this year. You may have noticed that pages load almost twice as fast as they did at the beginning of 2010 – resident coding gurus Jeff and Mike deserve many thanks for making difficult transitions to faster-loading solutions. Thanks as well to FastServers and MaxCDN for playing a critical part in keeping the site up and running, and Marius for help with the inventive new logo design. The list could go on forever, though, to include friends, family, colleagues and more.

New to the network(s)? Gajitz (Dornob’s sibling technology realm) continues to grow as well, with Delana at the helm writing and editing amazing content daily. If you enjoy the local/home-design focus of Dornob, it may be worth checking out this global/gadget-oriented twin. WebUrbanist and WebEcoist – cousin sites, if you will – also focus on design at their core, but with an urban and environmental focus, respectively. These sites tend to focus on longer and in-depth pieces, a complimentary approach to the single-subject articles found here. Regardless of whether you remain here at Dornob or branch out to the other sites as well: thanks again for reading, and for all your constructive feedback over the years ?… it truly helps the site stay on course, while also pushing creative exploration into the strangely endless world of amazing design ideas!