Wall paneling has been around for centuries. Traditionally, wooden wainscoting, often on the lower portion of the wall, performed several functions in the home: to insulate, to help add soundproofing and to prevent the wall from being damaged by heavy furniture.

Nowadays, molded wainscoting is often made from gypsum board or wood, and it mainly serves as decorative wall covering, often with a nod to the country manor appeal of a bygone era. Minnesota-based CSI Wall Panels have now kicked the design element of wall panels up a notch, offering laser-cut 3D, mosaic and multi-faceted designs: Conventional paneling, wallpaper and paint just got boring.

There’s a groovy, mid-century modernist vibe to these designs, which have been created and constructed for both outdoor and indoor use. From the 1950s through to the 1970s, textured wall coverings brought the outside inside with faux brickwork, wooden panels, cork and leather. The modern day CSI variety is more dramatic, with more texture, depth and pattern variety. New technological innovation has produced a wider palette of materials and computer-generated designs.

Interior wall panels work particularly well in spaces with open floor plans, and they also do a wonderful job of highlighting certain parts of a room. For example, these wall panels would look great on the chimney breast in a living room, above a seating arrangement or in decorative alcoves.

“Living room walls are your blank canvases, waiting to be touched by your signature style and art. Whatever you do to crank up the style here defines you, as the living room is the first sight when someone opens the door. It’s all there to greet your guests and welcome them with your unique design,” according to the CSI Wall Panels website.

Inspired by nature and global architectural trends, the panels were created by a team of Minnesota- based designers, software operators and engineers from MDF, acrylic or metallic materials in CSI’s Eden Prairie facility — a one-stop shop for custom-made interior and exterior wall panels. You can call them using their online contact number for a live evaluation of your needs with an in-house architect. Weatherproof and visually striking, exterior wall panels are an ideal and sophisticated way to create individual, laid back and durable artworks in the barbecue area and in the garden.

In the home and in the office or in restaurants, reception areas and retail stores, wall panels make a statement. CSI allows for bespoke designs, and it also has in-house, ready-to-buy collections. The Five Senses collection, for example, is tactile, lightweight and visually striking.

“We live by a simple vision: create value products for the customers and make their everyday life better. At CSI, we strive to offer a wide range of durable, trendy and highly decorative and functional wall panels at affordable prices,” according to the CSI Wall Panels website.

Working together with the firm’s designers and with input from architects and engineers, CSI can collaborate with every customer to create a bespoke product based on the customer’s design suggestions. Each wall panel is priced, designed and manufactured to express specifications. The Virtual Plane collection also makes great room dividers to create small zones and private areas in large, flexible spaces.