Steep Modern Stair System 1

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Steep enough to fit into small spaces, this unusual suspended staircase design features a system of open-frame stairs that hover above built-in storage and a workspace. The multifunctional piece uses the samba stairs principle of alternating steps to make the ascension from one level to the next easy and comfortable despite the steep angle.

Steep Modern Stair System 2

Steep Modern Stair System 5

No under-the-stairs space is wasted, with virtually every element of the stairs serving more than one practical purpose, yet the design still feels light and sculptural. The spaces within the open steps in the floating portion of the staircase can hold books and decorative objects.

Steep Modern Stair System 4

Steep Modern Stair System 3

Object élevé by Dutch design studio Mieke Meijer is inspired by the stark industrial architectural design featured in the black and white photography of Bernd and Hilla Becher. The designers translated those buildings into handmade furniture in black steel and oak for a designer’s 1930s residence in a suburb of The Hague.