shared folding picnic table

When you really want to have an outdoor meal with a friend but can’t find a suitable place to sit down and put your dishes while you eat, the Napkin Table is a perfectly odd alternative. Designed by graduates from the Tunghai University in Taiwan, the Napkin Table is a portable picnic table just for two.

pockets in napkin table

surface napkin table

Consisting of a folding plastic surface and two fabric straps, the Napkin Table attaches to both diners’ necks while the folding table is suspended between the two. This arrangement requires that the diners sit close together and look at each other as they eat, encouraging conversation and connection between the two.

cutlery pocket napkin table

attached napkin

Special pockets in the table hold cups and others hold cutlery. Attached napkins also allow diners to wipe their mouths as they eat, remaining polite throughout the meal.

folding up napkin table

folded napkin table

Once the shared picnic is over, the Napkin Table easily folds up and can be stored in a small space. The designers hope that their design will help friends get to know each other better while they talk and socialize over a shared meal.