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This is one of those clever kitchenware designs that looks great on the shelf, but really: how often do you make sushi? If the answer is: not too often, you might want to take a pass on this particular item – but if you are a rollaholic like some of us this simple sushi roller is a must-have kitchen gadget. Who knows, you may even find other creative cooking uses for it.


Everyone knows that properly preparing and rolling sushi is an art and not easily accomplished by the amateur chef. Well, as the Western World becomes increasingly interested in taking this traditionally Japanese dish home with them there is a growing market for easy ways to roll your own sushi.


Based on similar principles to cigarette rollers, this sushi roller opens and shuts at key points in the sushi-creation process and allows you to roll the ingredients in first and then add and roll in the seaweed wrap to complete your customized do-it-yourself sushi.