This stunning home by French architect Nicholas Préaud might be one of the most incredible examples of Scandinavian minimalism you’ll ever see. A marriage of soft neutral tones and warm wood, the Mediterranean-flecked space is filled with beautiful high-end furniture, expertly curated details, and stunning architectural quirks. Most impressive of all might be the sculptural walls that bend, curve, and billow, dividing the space like massive works of art. But alas, it isn’t real. The 3D interiors were created as a perfect setting to show off the new Arjé x Nordic Knots collection of finely crafted rugs, allowing each piece to shine.

The editorial-style presentation of the collection speaks to Arjé’s background as a cult-favorite luxury fashion brand. Much like a fashion spread in Vogue, the ultra-realistic setting conveys an aspirational ideal as well as a gorgeous backdrop for the rugs and a selection of artisanal furniture and decor. While it’s fair to say that the fictional home is itself a bit of a scene-stealer, there’s no way to ignore the two striking rugs at the center of the collaboration. Designed by Arjé founders Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral and produced by Nordic Knots, the rugs aim to merge “old-world richness with contemporary minimalism.” The collection is part of their new venture, Arjé HOME.

Anchoring the serene living room, “Family” is a plush wool rug with a three-dimensional geometric pattern on the surface. From afar, it almost looks like it was cut from stone, but anyone stepping on it would delight in its softness. The designers envision it as a calming aerial landscape in antique ivory, with a soft cut-pile that creates a high-low illusion of puzzle work.

The second rug in the series, “Face,” is inspired by the idea that home isn’t defined by a physical place, but rather the concept of home we find and carry within ourselves: “one that comes from a deeper source, as warm as the light from the sun itself.” Its rich goldenrod tone offers just the right pop of color that can make an otherwise-neutral room sing. Handmade of shaggy wool, “Face” is available in a variety of sizes starting at $1,095, just like “Family.”

Our parallel creative worlds, with all the combined elements of our diverse backgrounds — Mediterranean, Turkish, Spanish, Scandinavian — fused into a collection of hand knotted wool rugs that grounds us and explores that sense of place in finding home,” says Arjé, adding that “We were inspired by the warmth and movement of light, and the play of touch and texture. The abstract perspective of Cubism influenced form, and we looked to ancient, organic motifs to complete our unique symbolism – representing the Arjé eye and the knot of Nordic Knots.”

The 3D rendering by Préaud represents Bessie Afnaim Corral and Oliver Corral’s dream home. They worked with the architect to bring every detail to life, exemplifying their vision of understated luxury representing a blend of global environments and emotion. “We visualized our rugs into their own not-quite-of-this-world setting,” say the Corrals. “Just as the rugs are simultaneously cozy, strong, and refined, the Arjé x Nordic Knots HOME crosses all realms of season, location, and aesthetic. It is the warmth of an olive grove in the south of Spain, and the coolness of the Swedish archipelago. It is in this space that we saw our collection come to life, taking us into the next chapter of Arjé HOME’s continuous journey.”

The furniture and other details seen throughout this fantasy home are available on Arjé’s website, including those show-stopping Noah sofas, the Enzo shearling chair, and the Zig-Zag vessels.