The shyest person at any party will most likely gravitate toward the edges, standing against a wall or taking a seat to observe unnoticed. But what if when they sat down, their chair suddenly sent an explosion of colorful confetti into the air, calling attention to them and celebrating their arrival? That’s the idea behind the Josie chair, named for the protagonist of the 1999 romantic comedy Never Been Kissed.

josie chair 2

josie chair 4

Played by Drew Barrymore, the character in the film is an awkward outsider, tormented by the cool kids and nicknamed Josie Grossie. “But what if the party came to her?” asks design firm Mathery Studio, celebrating the act of sitting as a triumph in itself.

josie chair 5

“Initially designed as a personal project, Josie was born from the idea of empathizing with a moment – the action of seating. Driven by the need to restore a WOW effect and sense of occasion, Josie celebrates the person who is seated and moreover, celebrates design.”

josie chair 3

Tiny cans of confetti in rainbow colors are mounted to the back of the simple beech wood chair. When pressure is applied to the seat, it pulls down on strings attached to these cans, setting off an explosion of color.