cushiony bounce stools

There’s nothing comfier than sinking into a soft, cushiony chair that seems to swallow your body as you sit in it. Designer Véronique Baer created a line of chairs called Bounce that do just what the name promises: they bounce back into shape after supporting your body.

anton bounce stool

There are three chairs in the series. The first and largest is a mushroom-shaped chair called Anton. It is designed to support the back and sides of the person sitting in it, allowing the sitter to sink into its soft cushion.

christine bounce stool

The second is a dome-shaped seat known as Christine. It is a bit smaller but just as soft and welcoming as Anton. The last and smallest is Olaf. The series is designed so all three chairs can be lined up and used at the same time, with Anton supporting the body, Christine holding up the legs and Olaf providing a comfortable footrest.

bounce stools series

The stools were all designed to provide equal support from all sides, lacking a front or a back. They are made of two pieces of soft foam glued together and covered with soft quilted upholstery.

squishy bounce stools

Supporting the stools are four sturdy oak legs. They give each piece a minimalist base to nicely offset the soft, squishy tops. The Bounce collection was presented at the Blickfang Designworkshop in June 2014.