giant knit furniture idea

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Seriously strange and out of scale, these soft furniture objects composed of super-sized thread nonetheless look extremely comfortable. And really, at these proportions even a beginner could ‘sew’ something together.

giant floor pillows cushions

From pseudo-sofas to ersatz sleeping mats, these colorful creations by Bauke Knottnerus are composed of all different sizes of flexible noodle-like strands of various colors that are interwoven to create objects that are at once hard to peg within typical furniture categories but easy to identify functional uses for.

giant knit floor cushions

The options for weaving and tying together these threads into functional patterns are fairly limitless – except for the lack of structure to hold them up, which confines them to being used mainly as floor furniture. Perhaps in the next iteration they will include a modular system of supports – or giant knitting needles.