Strong, lightweight and versatile, this home really shows what metal can do. Galvanized steel parts are shipped flat to the site, making it easier to build in remote and difficult-to-access locations (like the desert).

Even more impressive: the exterior frame takes one day and full cladding system can be set up in less than a week, making it possible to work on the weather-proof interior in a matter of days.

Cold-formed, light-gauge and largely-recycled steel is factory-fabricated and incredibly compact for train-and-truck shipping.

The raised metal frame makes for a light footprint on naturally variegated terrain, causing less intrusion to an ecosystem and requiring little (if any) significant site modification.

The frame-and-cladding system means that all additional parts and pieces are easily replaceable – there are no load-bearing walls that require careful consideration down the line when it comes to additions, renovations and so forth.

These homes from Blue Sky Homes are just the beginning of a series that range from one to three bedrooms and/or bathrooms, combined or separate kitchen, living and dining room areas, and other variable features built on the same modular systems.

“Our moment frame is a factory fabricated, bolted, bi-directional moment frame made from cold-formed, high-tensile galvanized steel and structural steel components. The first offering from Blue Sky was our steel moment frame.  Known as a bi-directional moment-resisting frame, it resists movement in two directions and eliminates the need for shear walls or load bearing walls.  While moment frames are not unusual ours has a number of unique attributes that make it especially beneficial for many construction projects.”

“Most of our moment frame elements are fabricated from light-gauge galvanized steel, which are then rapidly bolted together on site.  The result is a much faster build time, closer tolerances, more durable materials and enhanced environmental credentials. This frame is superbly suited to projects on steep or uneven lots or those where a raised foundation and/or large open space is desired. The moment frame does not require any wall to be load bearing – a few columns provide all the structural strength.”