mobile flying home design

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Unfortunately not (yet) for sale to the public, this magnificently mundane-looking single-wide mobile home design is intended to blend with the urban (or suburban) environment – perfectly camouflaged as an ordinary hedge … except for the wheels, that is. Currently on a great American road trip, watch out: the Porta-Hedge may be coming to a land in a park near you.

green mobile home design

green funny portable house

With recycled fake Christmas trees covering the exterior and warm wooden interior (complete with rope swings, chalkboards and fake bird song) this offbeat portable living space is sort of a trange mutated combination of man-made modern rectilinear architecture and eco-friendly outdoors-esque natural design.

green mobile building idea

Though they are not yet available for purchase or rental (what dealers would take the chance and how would someone buy insurance on a mobile hedge anyway?) one can only hope new ones end up in mass production or that do-it-yourselfers start making their own out of used materials as well … after all, how neat would it be to have these cruising the highways and popping up next to parks in a city near you?