converted bunker 1

From ground level, the only thing making this disused, grass-obscured bunker any different from the hundreds of others that can be found all over Europe is a wooden platform, seemingly out of place in the rural Netherlands location. But step through the opening of that concrete bunker and you’ll find something wholly unexpected: a vacation home fitted with sleek furniture and a surprising number of modern comforts, given the setting.

bunker house 3

Belgian architecture studio B-ild originally created the bunker house as a promotional stunt for the Dutch office ‘famous,’ but it was so popular, they decided to make it a permanent holiday home that tourists can rent by the night.

bunker house 4

The historical integrity of the structure remains intact, with the exterior still as camouflaged as it ever was and the interior keeping its tiny windows and rusting door frames. The bunker is part of the old Dutch waterline defense system that was abandoned after World War II.

bunker house 5

B-ild outfitted the home with a small kitchenette and bedroom, with everything custom-made and foldable or slidable to fit within the tiny space.

bunker house 6

Bunk beds with built-in storage provide sleeping space for four, and a dining table folds out of the wall in the main room. The overall dimensions of the bunker match those of the wooden deck outside.