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Single-floor houses have earned a sadly undeserved reputation for being inferior to their multi-story counterparts in the design culture of our day. This simple but stylish and elegant modern home shows that you do not need a second story to make a structure feel like a complete and luxurious home.


If anything, this home plays to the strengths of having only one story. For example, there is an extremely strong connection between interior and exterior – floor-to-ceiling curtain walls of sheer glass connect the owner to the natural environment from all sides of the house.


As with the many see-through walls, the accessibility of the roof works in favor of the one floor of the home. Natural sky light is available in any room of the house through strategic openings over gathering areas.


So, the next time you think about what makes a house worth admiring or living in remember that there are strengths and weaknesses to any configuration but in many cases a single-story home solution can be the better option for livability all around.