salvage recycled wood furniture

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It is one thing to seek sustainability in design and fabrication and it is another to be driven to upcycle at all costs, even if it means waiting to accumulate and reuse only unused one-off drawers in a custom-crafted dresser. The recycled furniture pictured above is one such example by designer and craftsman Rupert Blanchard.

salvage vintage retro furniture

By using elements from different eras, these recycled furniture designs manage to look somehow vintage, retro and timeless all at the same time – simple lines, elegant compositions, but with a patina of age showing through each paint job and chipped wooden leg, drawer or surface.

salvage scrap wood furniture

Each part of every furniture piece has a story to tell, whether retrieved from the trash or recycled out of the home of a friend. Such a design process requires patience and forethought – the gathering of potential constituent elements for months or years to complete a particular work.

salve wood crate chairs

At the other end of the spectrum are his recycled wooden crate chairs – as former parts of a mass-produced, standard-sized construction-and-shipping unit these have the modular potential to likewise be made in bulk.