Have you ever wondered if it was really necessary to have both a sink and a dishwasher – two water-fueled kitchen spaces that serve the same purpose but in slightly different ways? This elegantly simple solution suggests that there is no intrinsic reason to keep these two designs as distinct and independent kitchen fixtures.
There is something industrial in the simplicity of this combination dishwasher-and-sink design. Each element is articulated in white, red or wood and all of the constituent pieces stand out from the dull gray background, from the raised-and-lowered cap piece that covers the sink during wash cycles to the wall-mounted dish-drying racks.

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Matching the stark and elemental natural of the design, the process for doing dishes with this hybrid device is likewise articulate in each relatively easy step along the way. The highly functional and almost-industrial appearance of this particular design might not appeal to everyone but the process is compellling and it is hard not to see a future in this kind of design integration.