shade projecting lamp

This lamp from design studio YOY takes the concept of a table lamp or floor lamp and whittles it down to its most basic of parts. The lamp itself is simple an unassuming baton or pillar when off. It looks a bit like a lamp that someone has forgotten to screw a light bulb into.

lamp projects its own shade in light

But in the darker hours when the lamp is turned on, it is magically transformed into a functional light that makes its own shade. A hidden projector in the top of the lamp sends a shade-shaped light onto the nearest wall, creating what looks like an intriguing transparent shade.

yoy studios lamp that projects a light shade

Seen from the side, the optical illusion is revealed as nothing more than a patch of light coming from the lamp’s thin base.

light shade projecting lamp

The aluminum and plastic lamp, aptly named ‘Light’ by its designers, is a fun modern play on traditional lamps and their requisite shades.