1 white hillside home austria

Comparing beautiful architecture to a sonnet is not an unfamiliar sentiment. Marte.Marte Architects describes this Austrian beauty as using a language of architecture that is not garrulous, but instead compressed into just a few words. Concrete, glass, and white plaster define this lovely home and elevate it from the typical to the exceptional.

wrap around balcony

hillside home austria

Its white exterior means that the home all but disappears into the mountainous surroundings in the winter but boldly stands out against the lush green environs in the summer. The bottom two levels of the four-level home are cut into the hillside thanks to the challenging terrain of the site.

balcony and glass wall

austrian hillside home interior

The top level of the home features a stunning wrap-around patio just outside of the glass walls. This allows for a view of the picturesque church at the bottom of the hill and an unobstructed view of the nearby lake. A minimalist interior, featuring little visual structural interference, enhances the feeling of lightness and an organic relationship with the surroundings.

concrete and glass austrian home

hillside austrian home view of lake

Upon arriving at the home via auto or bicycle, a sunken garage leads down into an interior volume. Visitors arriving on foot can reach the home’s entrance via an external staircase that least up to the ground level of the home. From any side, the home is a breathtaking example of architecture that manages to achieve both modernity and a connection to nature.