A self-styled artist, architect and sculptor, Robert Bruno’s home is more than just a house – it is a masterpiece of art and engineering synthesizing all of his aesthetic and engineering talents in a single spectacular structure. Weighing over 100 tons, this is one of the most amazing buildings ever constructed by a passionate individual – only possible with the right synthesis of vision, skill and patience.
The work itself is worthy of the strange new architectural stars like Frank Gehry who bend space and structure to their whims – only this example was made carefully, piece by piece, a work in progress constructed by hand. Also unlike many of his architectural all-star contemporaries, Bruno made the steel of his structure itself structural – rather than relying on a wood or metal frame to hold it together.

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The form was not predetermined. In fact, Bruno did not even realize he was embarking upon the greatest work of his life when he started the project as a simple steel volume. It has grown and multiplied in all directions, expanded spatially in ways the designer never expected. It is not the paragon of functionality but nor is it meant to be. It remains a work of eclectic aesthetics but undeniable genius.