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When a tree is cut down for whatever reason, the remaining stump remains to be dealt with. If the tree was in a homeowner’s yard and doesn’t pose a safety risk, many choose to simply leave the stump alone. Others go through the trouble of digging it and its roots out of the ground. But artist and designer Hongtao Zhou decided to do something rather different: he made two stumps into a cheeky outdoor lounge chair.

Don’t “axe” why – just enjoy the sweet design. The big stump provides a place for your bottom while the smaller stump lets you kick your feet up and relax. The attached wooden axe at the back supports the back and arm of the sitter.

The sculpture/seat, aptly named Two Stumps + An Axe, was created with scraps from the Vermont Studio Center’s sculpture shop, an appropriate reuse (we think) of wood that may otherwise have simply gone to waste.

According to Zhou, about 30 million trees are cut down each day, leaving a staggering number of stumps all around the world. If just a small fraction of them could be used for something as useful and endearing as this lawn chair set…well, it wouldn’t solve the problems caused by the logging industry but it might cut down on consumption of ugly plastic lawn furniture.