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Wall-mounted shelves and console tables, with a (quite literal) twist. Conceptually sliced and rotated, these simple wooden storage furnishings stand out in part because they look so otherwise ordinary.

Richard Shed Studio is a spatial, interaction and product design group that specializes in one-off and offbeat furniture pieces and interior installations that trade tradition as a starting point, then turn somewhat against the grain.

They strive to have a “conceptually innovative, creative approach paired with practical understanding of materials, processes and context.” Simple finger joints and solid oak make for stable objects that can be set up against any wall, though the brick backdrop makes these bleached-wood works all the more appealing in context.

Other projects by Shed include a series of tapes with wooden dovetail and metal screw-head patterns – a fun way to wrap a box or package, plus a potential source of decor on bland corner intersections or across linear unfinished wall seams.