The future of baby strollers looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie, as if it will levitate off the ground and shoot into the sky at the push of a button. While there’s no actual flying involved, this concept is still a huge departure from the current styles available in stores, and the key to its enhanced usability is a gyroscopic suspension system.

The main capsule of the stroller remains stable and upright even if you travel over uneven terrain or crash into something, like the legs of the passersby who will inevitably stop to gawk at the strange object you’re pushing. Even if the whole stroller is lifted on one side, the inner capsule stays in the same position. This eliminates the jarring bumps that can wake a sleeping baby.

Details on exactly how the stroller works are scant, but it does have a windshield-like glass screen that pulls all the way down to protect baby from wind, rain and UV rays. A storage compartment built into the bottom provides a place for all of the stuff you’d normally sling over the handle, and headlights will light the way after dark.
The futuristic Strollever design is super weird looking, and hard to imagine a future in which something that appears so alien is the norm on the streets, but the idea behind it is certainly solid. Would you prefer this thing to a standard baby stroller?
Here’s how the makers of the Strollever describe their project:
“The baby’s safety is important to think in this product. Future stroller can protect the baby from the risk. Gyro scope is central to come around. To any situation will shake, it will not fall. Due to middle weight was
rotating and it just stays in bed when you will have been.”