Deam Sterling Airstream

Nothing says ‘sleek mobile living’ like a streamlined Airstream – so how do you improve on something with such a fan following?

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sterling airstream renovation christopher deam couch
sterling airstream renovation christopher deam couch

With respect for the original and new features that blend seamlessly with the core concepts that made it a success – minimalist detailing, cool curves and efficient layouts.

sterling airstream renovation christopher deam exterior

Christopher Deam developed this concept using elements of traditional modernism and copious amounts of aluminum, updating it without taking away from its timelessness.

Deam told The New York Times about how he got started.

I was remodeling my brother Eric’s house with my friend Thom Faulders. This was around 1996. It was very small, like a 26-by-26 box, and we were looking at really efficient uses of space. So we turned our eyes to boats and R.V.’s to figure it out. The house won an A.I.A. Award and was in Sunset magazine, and they titled it ‘The Airstream Cottage.’ A light bulb went off in my head, and I thought, ‘I have to approach Airstream.’ My idea was to review their interiors.”

sterling airstream renovation christopher deamsterling airstream renovation christopher deam
They turned him down, but the idea led to a collaboration with Wilsonart, a company that makes plastic laminates, and from there, Deam created a series of custom Airstream interiors of his own.

About the Sterling project, Deam says, “There are some smart space-saving devices: cutouts in the rounded sink area, rolling vertical doors. We use LED lighting, which uses less power, which is very critical when you are out on the road. We have what is called a split bathroom (a toilet and sink on one side of the hall and the shower on the other side) with thin accordion doors on either side you can use if you want to create one larger bathroom. You learn these little tricks. It’s also a story about light and the luminosity of the reflections on the aluminum. When you put wooden cabinets in, it always felt slightly foreign.”

See more of Deam’s Airstream projects on his website.