Interior designer Chad Dorsey’s website explains that he “creates refined interiors that balance tailored style with the spirit of modern living.” Nowhere is that more apparent than in STRIKE, the designer’s latest collection of luxurious stone fireplaces.

Though Dorsey’s eponymous studio is based in Dallas, Texas, he more recently opened up a Los Angeles outpost in hopes of broadening his horizons. These newfound coastal surroundings, as well as the “anything is possible” attitude so prominent in California, seem to have played a big role in shaping his new collection, whose diverse pieces are near-direct reflections of the state’s awe-inspiring topographies.

STRIKE offers us six bold sculptural designs — Calistoga, Laguna, Malibu, Ojai, Sausalito, and Sea Ranch — each available in nine types of marble and limestone: White, Poseidon, Pewter, Nero, Montclaire, Danby, Cream, Charcoal, and Breccia Nuvole. On top of that, each fireplace can be adorned with one of three types of finish. And while that may sound like a lot of options to choose from, you can rest assured that every piece in this collection is refreshingly textural, unapologetically modern, and undeniably thought-provoking.

“A lot of traditional fireplaces are already available, but there were hardly any modern options at all,” Dorsey explains. “I started designing my own streamlined fireplaces for interiors projects and expanded upon that for the line.”

“People are more interested now in stones that have a lot more texture and movement of pattern,” he adds. “Breccia Nuvole gray marble is one of my favorites, because it looks like lava stone, especially when it’s given a rough finish.”

Hailing from Tennessee, Dorsey’s passion for architecture began early on, eventually leading him to pursue a degree in architecture and, after that, a career in hospitality design. He’s since overseen projects like clubs, hotels, airplane interiors, and luxury residences — all worth a collective $2 billion.

The designer’s website notes that “his aesthetic is best described as ‘relaxed luxury,’ which is defined by a quiet palette, custom furnishings with handcrafted details, meaningful objects, and a true sense of the people who live there. He believes furnishings should be impactful without being overwhelming, and rooms should flow and transition seamlessly.” This style is evident in Dorsey’s interiors projects, too, whether it be his ultra-beachy “Surf Shack” retreat in Dallas’ Forest Hills neighborhood, a super sophisticated, LA-inspired “La La Land” home, or a graphic wonderland of a Hamptons Showhouse.

In a recent interview with California Home Design, Dorsey expounded further on his distinct brand of “relaxed luxury,” explaining that for him, “relaxed luxury is the idea of living casually with things a person loves to touch and feel in a way that is approachable and not precious. Relaxed luxury is understated. Often quiet, it can go unnoticed, but the user with a discerning eye will appreciate the details and the soothing feeling. Relaxed luxury is achieved with custom furnishings incorporating handcrafted details, meaningful objects, and a true sense of the people who live there.”